Troubleshooting Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing configuration worked OK, but I can't connect remotely.
You may need to manually open a port on your router's firewall.  The port you should try to open for remote viewing issues is internal UDP port 56123 mapped to external UDP port 56123 (both numbers the same).
Remote viewing was working, but now it isn't.
Error message 1: "Vulkano 'My Vulkano' is not responding. 'My Vulkano' may have been turned off or disconnected."
-     Check the power light on Vulkano to make sure that it's ON.
-     Check if Vulkano is still connected to the internet.
  • If it was connected with a wire to the router, check that connection.
  • If it was connected to a wireless Access Point, check the connection between the Access Point and the router.
  • Check if other computers in the house (or where Vulkano is installed) still have a connection to the Internet. If not, try resetting the router or contact the your Internet Service provider.
Error message 2: "Vulkano ' My Vulkano ' is unreachable. Access to ' My Vulkano ' may be blocked by your router or the Internet service provider."
Your Internet Provider or the firewall on the router may be blocking UDP traffic. Or, attempts to access Vulkano from outside may have been treated as an attack and access was blocked.
-     go to the router configuration page (usually it opens by browsing to the Gateway address of your network) and try to manually open an external port 56123 (this number is fixed now) on the router for UDP traffic mapping it to the local IP of the Vulkano and local port 56123
-     Map external IP to internal IP of Vulkano using DMZ (open to all traffic) function on router (if available). Not recommended for security reasons as this makes your Vulkano open to all traffic on the Internet.
Error message 3: "Couldn't connect to Vulkano "My Vulkano".  Central server is unreachable."
There is a potential local internet connection problem, where  the client MAC is trying to connect from.  Please check that the internet is active at your location and that Vulkano is set up properly.
After a firmware update, I cannot access the box for remote viewing and my ID is all zeroes.
If this happens, please make sure that the firmware you have loaded onto your box matches the Vulkano  Setup Wizard and Vulkano MAC Player applications (check the release notes that cam with your download).  If anything is not matching, please make sure to install the correct versions.
Assuming that all of the installed software on your MAC and Vulkano device are the correct versions, if you still have this problem, try doing a factory reset and running the Vulkano  Setup Wizard  again.
Video in remote viewing mode doesn't look good.
The uplink speed in the place where Vulkano is installed may be too low. Recommended uplink speed is above 300 kbps.  The Internet connection at the place where you are connected remotely may be poor, or someone may be congesting the connection by doing something such as a file transfer at the same time, reducing the available bandwidth for Vulkano video data.  Digital video quality is directly related to the bitrate you are getting for remote viewing.  Bitrates below 250 kbps aren't going to give great video results - the image will get soft and frame rate will drop.

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